We both started our nursing careers in the Neonatal ICU, which eventually lead us to working together at a birth center doing postpartum home visits.

Through that experience, we realized how much we enjoyed working alongside each other and in people's homes. 

Sister Sorting Co. merges our background with helping people and our passion for home organizing. It was established with a larger vision to create space for what matters. We believe that clearing both the physical and mental clutter in your life will set you up for success.

We've been each others cheerleaders for our own spaces and now we would love to do that for you!

Our Story

Meet Brittany

I am a mom of two young boys and understand how quickly a home can fill up with toys and clutter. We've all experienced the overwhelming feeling when it comes to endlessly picking things up without an organization system in place.

Since decluttering my personal home, I can now direct more of my time and energy to the things that mean the most to me. I am passionate about helping families create a space that is calm, efficient and easy to maintain.

Perfection is never the goal but there is feeling of freedom that comes with knowing what my family has and where it is. Shannon would describe Brittany as fun, relatable, practical and a people pleaser. 

Meet Shannon

I am passionate about curating a home with function and style. 
Recently, I took on a full remodel of a 1930s bungalow and put my eye for detail to the test!

From a young age, I have always cared about my home environment and believe that simplifying has incredible value. Through thoughtful planning and understanding how you function in your home, I want to help create a space that you are excited about.

I love to source sustainably made products and incorporate less toxic practices into my daily routine. Brittany would describe Shannon as efficient, determined, detail-oriented and personable. She will be the push you need to let go of the things that no longer serve you!

Ready to get started?

We’d love to hear more about your upcoming project. Let’s create something beautiful together.